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I started playing guitar back in the 1980's and I've never really know the difference with Tube amps other than the price. When I rekindled my love for guitars and amps about 3-4 years ago, I bought an affordable small 5 watt Blackstar Tube amp. Last year I complemented it with a 1 watt version and it has been my main practice and noodling amp since. Not that I expect to do any reall giging in the near future or ever, it might happen to my offspring. But a 5 watt tube amp is hardly capable of playing next to a live drummer by itself.

I play the 1 watt HT1RH from Blackstar almost always through headphones, the 5 watt HT5RH I had plugged into the speakers of my Marshall MG102FX (2 12 inch speakers) which sounded really loud already. But from other people's experiences this is still not enough for a gig. I had bought an Orange Micro Terror as well, which is kind off a hybrid, it is a tube amp, but with a 20watt power section. Yet how ever powerfull, this is still not enough for a gig. But then I tumbled on a video or post, not sure which is was. Where someone suggested to hook the emulated out of the Blackstar into the return of the effects loop of a solid state, which my MG102FX has as well. And it works, it works really really well and loud. In essence I get 5 watt Tube amp crank sound with 100watts of Marshall power into it's 2x12.

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