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The last time I posted anything was back in 2015, with 2018 almost around the corner, well the weekend in fact. I thought it would an idea to put some effort in this blog of mine.

I'm still contemplating what to write about, and to which audience? Well probably just my self, and the search engine bots. So much has happend and change in the last years, so I probably have a lot to write about. I started driving all electric in may, I started playing guitar again in January, there have been a lot of changes and upgrade in my IT enviroment and I'm becoming a pretty decent and dedicated World of Tanks player. So I'll probably start writing about anything and see what sticks.

In the mean time I'll clean up some older articles, some are probably obsolete or outdated.

Perhaps I'll start with changing the template again, I see that some things don't work properly.

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