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CentOS 7 has been released about a month now and after making several test vm's and finetuning a cobbler install, I decided the best way to find my way in this new major release of CentOS, is to use it in 'production'. The reason I put quotes on production is to avoid the argument that my home IT infrastructure is not a production enviroment. But then again, it is becoming a resource I'm using all day, both at work and at home.

cloud migration


In any case, I decided to migrate my own cloud services (owncloud, wiki, webmail, racktables and jinzora) from a single CentOS 6 vm to 2 seperate CentOS 7 vm's. The reason for splitting is seperation of concern. One vm is the apache webserver, the other is the MariaDB database server. Both virtuals have the same specs and I am sure it could work very well on 1 vm, it's mainly just good practice.

I have a pretty solid backup rsync script in place, so it proved to be a pretty straight forward exercise. I'm not saying easy, because I did run into some issues, mainly having the right packages installed. Once that was done it was just a matter of restoring backups and adjusting a few settings because the database server is no longer localhost.

So as of this weekend, the above mentioned services are hosted on CentOS 7. The virtuals are being backed up and have been put into production. The only thing that remains is monitoring. The Monitorix package is not yet implemented for CentOS 7 it seems. That's something I'll want to address before my virtuals in Amsterdam are being migrated.

Edit; Got Monitorix running on CentOS 7. Not within my own repository set-up yet, with a local install, but it works.


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